Get on Board: AirHelp launches Travel Affiliate Program

En tråd i 'Affiliate-programmer' startet av AirHelp, 4 Jun 2018.

  1. AirHelp

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    Are you a Travel blogger or have an audience interested in travelling?

    Let us introduce ourselves,

    AirHelp, is the world’s leading flight compensation company. We help passengers in understanding their rights and getting compensation for delayed or canceled flights, and in case of denied boarding. We can help with flight dates up to three years in the past.

    We are recently re-launching our Travel Affiliate Programme with some attractive points like:

    • Attractive commission. Working with a Market leader means that we can offer to our affiliates a commission amongst the highest ones in the air rights industry, together with our own tracking solution which allows them to check their performance in real time.

    • Fast turnaround times. We offer payment as either CPL of CPO, based on claims made through the affiliate’s personal link

      • CPL. The payment is done directly after the user makes a claim and send us their required documents.

      • CPO. For every solved claim (meaning, the passenger reimbursement is approved), a percentage of our AirHelp fee goes to the affiliate. How long this takes depends on the airline and/or legal procedures themselves.
    • Cookie duration of 30 days. Our AirHelp tracking solution is able to determine whether the affiliate’s audience came back to make the claim within 30 days of visiting their site.

    • A ‘free’ Product. We are offering a product for which no one needs to spend any extra money. If the claim is accepted by the airline, the passenger gets paid, we get paid and the affiliate gets paid. If the claim is not eligible , we still pay our affiliate for referring us through his link.

    To know more, visit

    (Please forgive us for this post not being in Norwegian)
  2. JudeQuinn

    JudeQuinn Medlem

    At what point is a conversion triggered? I've worked with a similar company earlier, using paid social media traffic, but the problem was always that 'acts of god' or technical problems weren't covered, and didn't trigger a lead. A flat CPL would be better.

    Can we push leads via API? What do you pay for leads in EU?
  3. AirHelp

    AirHelp New Member

    A Conversion is created when someone makes a valid claim with us and sends us the documents needed (this might go from a reservation code to a passport, depends on the airline). We understand that a flat CPL is advantageous, but that would not be appropriate for us since further processing is impossible for us without submission of the customer's necessary documents, which makes a flat lead worthless for us (as we can’t send it to the airline).

    We pay equal price regardless of from which country the claims come from, on an average 18 €.

    We work with 30 days cookie tracking, double checked with google analytics too. Though we are well aware that it is rare but sometimes it can happen that leads are not tracked. For this purpose, we offer our affiliates performance-based bonuses to compensate for their risk and to cover possible but rather rare losses.

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