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To successfully manage a WordPress e-commerce website you need to control a number of plugins. These plugins allow you to manage your pages, simplify the processes and ensure high user-friendliness throughout every section of the website. WooCommerce Checkout Location plugin is one such recommended plugin for WordPress sites.

WooCommerce Checkout Location makes your checkout page more user-friendly. Most of the time, customers find it lengthy and cumbersome to provide all details about their address while checking out of your website. The WooCommerce Checkout Location offers a drop-down list from where a customer can choose his/her address conveniently.

WooCommerce Checkout Location:

WooCommerce checkout location helps webmasters to customize their checkout page and expediting the process of order delivery. The plugin allows you to set a list of locations on your checkout page that customers can choose accordingly, to set drop point or pick up point. Each location you create is linked to a store email id. When a customer picks a location from the drop-down list, an alert email is sent to the associated email ID. This email is an additional email sent to the store, in addition, to a standard order email.

Location and email ID setup:

The web store owner is made the admin of the page who is responsible for setting the list of the addresses as well as the email associated with each store. The address is basically a location which can be can be an address, zip number, a city, country, or department. These locations are places where order emails are sent.

As a webmaster, you have access to set the page according to your business needs.  You can also add additional messages on your checkout page in the form of input text or HTML. This is the message your customers will read before exiting the checkout page.

How WooCommerce checkout Location works?

Here is the step by step function guide for WooCommerce Checkout Location:

Step 1

The customer picks a location from the drop-down list set by the admin of the website.

Step 2

Upon location selection, the plugin selects the email associated with the location and sends the order to the confirmation page.

Step 3:

When the order is confirmed by the customer, an email is sent to the attached email address. This email is followed by another order email which is a part of the order and delivery process.

Editing/ Deleting the locations:

The rights of editing/deleting or adding a location to the drop-down list lies with the webmaster/admin. The admin also has the right to add, remove or edit the display text on the page. Additionally, the admin is also responsible to select a process when the email will be sent to the location email id. It can be while ordering, confirmation, successful delivery, on-hold, process, failed or refunded transaction.

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