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Semalt is an ukrainian spam company

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semalt-comSemalt.com is crawling all my web sites and also sites owned by my friend. They are really destroying the Google analytics results with their spamming. I am very tired of dealing with their rogue bots that messes up my statistics all the time.

I started seeing Semalt appear in my analytics around february of 2014 and within a few  weeks I see them on every website I own hitting my sites up to 60 times a day with spam.

I hope no one is paying them for their crappy services, a company that spam millions of web sites does not deserve any income. They are just parasites gaining on others work. I would never trust my data to be handled by an ukrainian spam company anyway, so stay away, do not risk anything.

More and more companies block this spam site, if you use a hosted blogg service like WordPress then you will see that WordPress.com has now blocked all Semalt requests, you can do that to with plugins for WordPress or manually insert code in Analytics.

Here are the Semalt spammer morons (oh yeah, they are really funny… NOT!):

This people messes up my analytics statistics

This people messes up my analytics statistics

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