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MultiStore WooCommerce or multistore theme?

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Spesific multistore user case 1:

A WooCommerce web store owner need to set up a number of shops, and that shops should be run by different people in different languages. The shops should all share the same theme.

The store owner needs everything to work in the WordPress Multisite Network, or by using single stand-alone WooCommerce stores, but he needs the people who runs the shops to have access only to their own shops. The stock should be shared by all shops so that if a product is sold in one store, the stock of all stores updates.

Due to different languages and countries the products should also have different prices, titles and product texts.


The plugin WooCommerce Multistore is a plugin for WordPress that gives that store owner the tools to setup shops that meets the requirements in this case. There are no WooCommerce multistore theme that can provide such functionality.


Spesific multistore user case 2:

A web store owner needs his sales persons to have their own web stores that sells the same products as his web store. His sales staff travels to fairs or stops people in the street or in other crowded areas.

The products in the sales persons stores should be identical and updated automatically both for products info and stock when the store owner updates his products.

The sales persons wants to set their own prices for any products, and also collect the payments to their own bank accounts, Stripe accounts or PayPal accounts.


WooMultistore offers the multistore functionality required by the WooCommerce store owner. His sales persons can set their own prices, and the rest of the product data/metadata can be synced from the main store when the products are updated there. Any price edits done in the sales persons stores are not synced to any other stores.

Payments per store can be sent to any payment provider account. The main store owner still receives all the sales data of all the stores in his store. He will have a list of all orders and he can also download excel files with all orders, or orders from specific stores.

The plugin and addons are found in the web site of WooMultistore, there is also some unofficial addons on the WooCommerce multistore github page.

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